Smartis Winter Wonderland

Last Friday, Smartis had a winter fun day (according to all guidelines NIJZ – national institute for public health)! From Ljubljana we drove to Ljubelj where we each picked our sleigh and hiked to the top of the Ljubelj! At the top we have enjoyed sunny weather and fresh mountain air before we sleighed our…
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Licenseware – Partnership

Oracle licensing can be complex and treacherous, but don’t worry, we have your back. Smartis is proud to announce that we have partnered with Licenseware! Licenseware is known for building automated Oracle analysis apps that can gather data from multiple sources and deliver Oracle Licensing positions for customers with high accuracy, amazing speeds and lower cost. With […]
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Smartis’s 12th birthday

On this day 12 year ago, Smartis company was founded! We are incredibly proud of the journey we have made so far, but it would not be possible without our amazing employees, partners and of course our customers! We are looking forward to new challenges, partnerships and opportunities! Here’s to many more!
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Education on ITIL Culture

Last week a new group of users took our course on ITIL Culture – Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The main focus of the course was on ITIL Culture itself and on Atlassian. We are always grateful and happy to see users who are eager to learn with our help!
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Smartis Picnic 2021

Last Saturday, members of Smartis family had a picnic (according to all guidelines of National Institute of Public Health) Employees and their families had a great time enjoying good weather, great food, sport and artistic activities and the best company And since a picture is worth a thousand words, check the photos from picnic and […]
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