Pure Storage, originally established in 2009 with the code name Os76 Inc., has its origins in the offices of Sutter Hill Ventures. The company specializes in offering high-quality, all-flash storage solutions for enterprises, encompassing block, file, and object storage. Pure Storage is dedicated to delivering a cutting-edge Modern Data Experience™, enabling users to leverage forward-thinking, cloud-compatible solutions and access top-notch technology for the transformation of data into impactful results.

Their core products include:

  1. FlashArray//X: High-performance, all-flash storage for Tier 0 and Tier 1 applications.
  2. FlashArray//C: Cost-effective, all-flash NVMe storage for Tier 2 applications.
  3. FlashBlade®: Scalable Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) storage.

Pure Storage also partners with tech leaders to offer plug-and-play solutions:

  1. FlashStack®: Modern converged infrastructure (CI) combining storage and networking.
  2. AIRI®: Full-stack AI-ready infrastructure for powerful AI workloads.

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