15. Posvet PIES event

Last week we were at 15. Posvet PIES event which was organized by Društvo informatikov energetike Slovenije.

We are proud that we did not participate in the event only as a golden sponsor, but also as a contributor as our colleague Karlo Petravić presented our approach to the Q&A process and how IBM Instana helps us with that.

Quality assurance (QA) plays a crucial role in ensuring high-quality software that meets the needs and expectations of users. Without effective testing processes, software can contain errors, issues, and other problems that can harm the company’s reputation, lead to revenue loss, and ultimately jeopardize the success of the project.

Smartis’ Q&A process offers a custom-made test framework for web, mobile, and Windows desktop platforms, with the ability to test any application or software process. Tests can be run in parallel on local containers or major cloud platforms, while IBM Instana enables detailed insight into the testing process.

On this occasion, we would like to thank all attendees for their time and Društvo informatikov energetike Slovenije for the excellent organization of the event.