Smartis Security Day

Last week, on 27 October, Smartis hosted at Hotel International, Zagreb!
Our guests had a chance to listen to some of the top experts in the cybersecurity field, learn about the latest trends, watch live demonstrations, and get first-hand user feedback and experiences!

We would like to thank all our guest speakers Mislav Lisak – Nova hrvatska banka, Ivan Petrović – IBM, Srećko Bartol– KentBank d.d., for sharing their knowledge and experience!

We would also like to thank our in-house Smartis speakers Davor Delić, Sašo Tomc, and Rok Debevc, for their input and excellent presentations!

A special thank you goes to our GUESTS! Thank you for taking the time to spend a day with us! We hope you enjoyed Smartis Security Day and that you found our program interesting and enjoyable!