Smartis successful application for public tender of Digital transformation of industry

The project “DigiELES – Digitalna preobrazba verige vrednosti ELES z uvajanjem naprednih digitalnih tehnologij in odprtega inoviranja” involves eight different consortium partners who will provide digital solutions for the ELES company Some of the solutions are the implementation of robotic automated processes, the internet of things, enhanced virtual reality, development of advanced integration platforms, implementation of Digital Twin platform and advanced systems for cybersecurity of critical infrastructure.

The digitalization will take place on all major business processes of the ELES company, such as logistics, maintenance network, investments, communication with clients and services.

Project DigiELES

The total cost of operations amounts for 4.297.015,00 EUR;
The total amount of co-funding amounts for 2.199.900,00 EUR.

Consortium partners:

  • ELES d.o.o.,
  • UNISTAR LC d.o.o.,
  • BE-terna d.o.o.,
  • TROIA d.o.o.,
  • SMARTIS d.o.o.,
  • C & G d.o.o.,
  • ART REBEL 9 d.o.o.,
  • IGEA d.o.o.

The business operation was selected for co-funding by the public tender “Digitalna preobrazba gospodarstva« (JR Digit NOO)”.

Investment is part of the measures of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and is being co-funded by European Union from the title “Sklada za okrevanje in odpornost – NextGenerationEU”