SmartIS is now Gold Partner at HelpSystems LLC


We at SmartIS d.o.o. are proud to announce that we have a GOLD partnership agreement with HelpSystems LLC

This new partnership allows us access to the extensive HelpSystems portfolio of products that include products such as:

  • Crypto Complete achieves regulatory compliance by securing data with strong database-level encryption. Using IBM i database triggers and Field Procedures (FieldProc), data can be encrypted quickly and seamlessly, often with no change to the back-end database structure or applications. Encryption can be applied to fields, backups and the IFS.
  • StandGuard Anti-Virus – anti-virus solution that offers native scanning for IBM i, AIX, Linux x86, and PowerLinux systems. It is powered by McAfee’s industry leading scan engine.

and many more.

HelpSystems has its own and written solutions for Cybersecurity, Systems Management and Automation and Business Intelligence.

The Cybersecurity and IBM :

  • They are recognized experts in IBM, Cybersecurity and Systems Management tools
  • also a participating member of the PCI Standards Security Council
  • a frequent presence at COMMON (and other) conferences proving industry speakers on Cybersecurity and GDPR.
  • and the only authors of the annual IBM Security Study – now in its 14th year.