SmartIS to deliver the fastest supercomputer ‘Bura’ in adriatic region

University in Rijeka, Croatia selected SmartIS in a public tender for design, delivery and support of innovative water cooled Supercomputer system.

SmartIS will deliver a new Datacenter whit support for warm water cooling which will host the fastest Supercomputer in Adriatic region named ‘BURA’. BURA represents well known strong and fast wind in Croatian Adriatic region.
With its 239TF this Supercomputer will be ranked among 30 biggest computers worldwide in academic region, while on global scale it will rank among 70′ fastest supercomputers in Europe and approximately 200 in the world!

Solution is designed with 288 direct water cooled blades from ATOS France bringing 576 E5-2690v3 CPU’s with total of 6912 cores all connected with FDR Infiniband connectivity to a LUSTRE parallel file system .
Alongside HPC SmartIS also delivers 2 biggest and fastest x86 servers in the world ATOS bullion S16, each with 16 CPU’s and 6TB of memory that will be used for research and development.

Data will be stored on 1PB of disk storage, and in order to decrease the cost of disk storage, solution includes an innovative HSM solution brought by Graudata, who will automatically move unused data to 1PB of tape storage.

SmartIS includes also full on key support for 5 years for whole solution.